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Upcoming Reviews

Below is a list of the albums and singles we're currently reviewing, along with some of the details of how far along we are and who is assigned to each. Albums and singles appear on this page only after the registration form has been filled out by the submitting artist and our reviewers have received their copies.

Reviews are usually posted in the order they appear here, but fact checking and revisions can cause delays — and if another album or single is ready first, we'll post that one rather than wait.

Album Reviews
The Shabbatones - One In a Minyan (2017)

Reviews in from: Sean P. Gorecki, Kyle Yampiro, Dom Otto Asís
Being edited.

Naughty Scotty and the Octapella & Take 7 - Rise (2017)

Reviews in from: Bob McSwain, Sean P. Gorecki, Stephen Lanza
Being edited.

Orange Appeal - Unpeeled (2017)

Reviews in from: Sean P. Gorecki, Daniel G. Westbrook, Stephen Lanza
Being edited.

Unaccompanied Women - Ampersand (2017)

Reviews in from: Elie Landau, Catherine Lewis, Amber Dewey
Being edited.

Out of the Blue - Past Lives (2017)

Reviews in from: TeKay, Kimberly Raschka Sailor
Waiting for: Leigh Holmes Foster

Unduzo - Schweigen Silber - Reden Gold (2017)

Reviews in from: John Colton, Dom Otto Asís, Louis Jack Ades
Being edited.

Run for Cover - Dawn (2018)

Reviews in from: Bob McSwain, TeKay, Kimberly Raschka Sailor
Being edited.

Semi-Toned - Strike Three (2018)

Reviews in from: Dom Otto Asís, Louis Jack Ades, Amber Dewey
Being edited.

Acappology - Rebound (2017)

Reviews in from: Dave Bernstein, Kevin Thomas, Thomas Dec
Being edited.

Blue Jupiter - Twisted Broadway, Volume 1 (2017)

Reviews in from: Elie Landau, TeKay, Kyle Yampiro
Being edited.

Stiletta - Stiletta (2018)

Reviews in from: Malcolm Piper, Stephen Lanza, Amber Dewey
Being edited.

Dartmouth Aires - On Aire (2017)

Reviews in from: TeKay, Kevin Thomas, Kyle Yampiro
Being edited.

On the Rocks - Sunset Blush (2018)

Reviews in from: Elie Landau, Catherine Lewis
Waiting for: TeKay

The Achordants - A Swing and a Miss (2018)

Reviews in from: Kimberly Raschka Sailor
Waiting for: Sara E. Yood, Stephen Lanza

VOXID - shades of light (2018)

Waiting for: Andrew Adams, Jonathan Minkoff, Rebecca Christie

Tigeroar - Echo (2018)

Waiting for: Amber Dewey, Dom Otto Asís, Stephen Lanza

Logarhythms - Do You Have This Room Reserved? (2018)

Waiting for: Andrew Adams, Elie Landau, TeKay

"Short Cuts"
There are no upcoming short cuts.

How To Get Your Work Reviewed

To have your album (2 or more tracks) reviewed by RARB, please email us with your name, group name and album title. You will receive a response with information on how to register your album in our system.

To have your digital single reviewed by RARB, please fill out our online singles registration form.